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Find your right direction on a Gap Year in Israel
Our Mission

The American Israel Gap Year Association Champions the cause of the Jewish continuity through the Israel Gap Year experience..  We strive to be an objective and inclusive resource for families and educators to understand the breadth Israel programs across the denominational spectrum. AIGYA feels that this transitional year in Israel is essential for student to take ownership of their Jewish identity, to solidify their relationship to Israel and the Jewish People.

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What is a Gap Year in Israel?

The Israel Gap Year experience is more than just a break in between high school and college; this year is a chance to grow, meet new friends, learn in a stress free environment.


”I used to think Israel was this place on the other side of the world where a lot of Jews lived, but now I see it as the home of the Jewish people.”  

A Gap Year in Israel allows students to develop emotionally, academically, and spiritually before entering college. The Israel Gap Year provides tools to enhance Israel knowledge, creating more informed students, increasing academic success and Jewish engagement.

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AIGYA has gathered a comprehensive collection of diverse Israel Gap Year programs.  


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Thoughts from Students

Personal thoughts on their experiences with AIGYA


"Walking out of my apartment stepping on the stone ground that my ancestors fought for is an incredible feeling of Jewish history come alive and integral part of discovering my identity as a Jew in the modern world. At only halfway through the year, I am incredibly grateful and happy with my choice to spend my year before university learning more about my values and roots in the land in which my entire history lies."​
- AIGYA Participant

I knew I wanted to “grow” as a person, I  didn’t completely understand what that meant for my life to  spend a year doing so.
I now know what it means:

Creating special connections with mentors who can inspire me.

Learning from people every day with completely different views and opinions than I.

Given unlimited means and opportunities to do good in the world

- AIGYA Participant





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GAP Year Experience.

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"an unimaginable experience, I learned so much about Israel and even more about myself. My life has completely changed from this experience"

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Getting Involved & Volunteering

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Therefore we truly appreciate people donating their time to help our fundraising efforts or volunteering to help us pay it forward.


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