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Community events, Gap Year fairs, Presentations, Organizational Luncheons, Corporate Speaking Engagements, Counseling, Zoom Webinars and more.

Phyllis utilizes her expertise and proven track record of success to help create intricate and rewarding endeavors that bring people together,

foster connections, and cultivates a sense of belonging. 

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It has been Phyllis’ mission to make the Israel Gap Year a crucial part of the post-secondary experience where students develop resilience, independence, and a deeper understanding of their Jewish identity and connection to Israel. Counseling teens who are considering an Israel Gap Year is an important and meaningful process requiring empathy, guidance, and understanding. Engaging in open and honest conversations is important to help these young individuals explore their motivations, goals, and concerns surrounding an Israel Gap Year. The focus is on supporting them in making informed decisions about how to best utilize their time and navigate the potential challenges they may encounter.


Counseling sessions involve discussing Gap Year options, such as:

•  volunteering

•  internships

•  travel

•  study and personal development activities

•  individual interests and aspirations.

It is essential to address any fears or uncertainties they may have, while emphasizing the value of experiential learning, self-reflection, and personal growth that an Israel Gap Year can provide. By empowering teens to take ownership of their Israel Gap Year journey, they will be setting themselves on a path towards a fulfilling and life changing experience.

Counseling package: $360 - Total hours: 4 (Gap Year guidance)

  •    30 minute parent meeting

  •    1 hour student meeting

  •    90 minutes to research for programs based on combined input

  •    1 hour review of programs and q & a from parent and/or student.

(This can be divided into two 30 minute meetings)

Additional time beyond this package will be charged at $100 an hour


Community events, such as Gap Year fairs, parent/school presentations, even organizational luncheons, are intricate and rewarding endeavors that bring people together, foster connections, and cultivates a sense of belonging. Phyllis takes pride in the meticulous planning, coordination, and creativity to craft experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.


By harnessing the collective energy and talents of a community, producing these events nurtures a sense of pride, encourages collaboration, and contributes to the overall social fabric, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

We create:

  • Webinars

  • Workshops

  • Small parlor meetings

  • Panel discussions for conferences

  • School Fairs


Call us to discuss your specific needs.

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Successful speaking engagements are a powerful medium for communication and inspiration, capable of leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Key to their success is a skilled speaker who combines expertise, charisma, and effective delivery techniques.


Phyllis Folb is a sought after speaker at conferences, moderator and panelist on webinars and guest on TV, radio, social media and traditional print media.


A successful speaker not only imparts knowledge and information but also motivates and empowers individuals to take action and make positive changes. Phyllis has motivated hundreds of kids and inspired educators and organizations about the importance of the Israel Gap Year.


Phyllis can create compelling content to tailor your message to a specific audience.  A well-received speaking engagement leaves attendees feeling inspired, informed, and equipped with valuable insights they can apply to their personal and professional lives long after the event has concluded.


Phyllis is available as an expert speaker on:

•  The Israel Gap Year

•  Teens

•  Education

•  To moderate or create a panel of your choice for your business organization or digital presentation.

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Establishing a strong foundation for collaboration Phyllis will partner with clients on projects, working closely with them to understand their needs, challenges, and goals. She gathers insights from various stakeholders within the organization, including leadership, employees, and customers. This collaborative approach allows her to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization's culture, operations, and unique dynamics. Phyllis brings her own expertise:

Phyllis brings her own expertise:

•  Fresh perspectives to the table

•  Facilitating brainstorming sessions

•  Problem-solving exercises

•  Strategic planning

This collaborative process not only ensures that the consulting solutions align with your organization's vision and objectives but also encourages ownership and buy-in from key stakeholders. As a result, Phyllis’ consulting engagement becomes a shared journey of growth and improvement, where their combined efforts with the organization's members lead to impactful outcomes, sustainable change, and a strengthened foundation for future success.

Phyllis is available to consult with organizations

  •    On all things Israel Gap Year

  •    Teens

  •    Education

  •    Entertainment related subjects

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Workshops can be developed for presentations at schools, parent groups, and organizations.


Sample Topics:

  • How Does the Gap-Year Support Academic Success?

  • Why is the Gap-Year in Israel Necessary for the Day School Graduate?

  • What are the LifeSkills Necessary for a fulfilling Gap-Year?

  • Transitioning from the Israel Gap-Year to Home, College, Work-What are the Steps for Success?

  • Security- How Do I Know My Child Will Be Safe? Faith vs. Action.

  •  What are the Funding Opportunities for the Gap-Year in Israel?

  •  What You Should Know About Our Program -

  •  Presentations by Gap-Year Representatives.   

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