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Counseling & Workshops

Student Counseling

AIGYA offers counseling for the exploration of programs that will provide the best fit for students of all backgrounds. 














"Phyllis Folb has a profound knowledge of college and gap year programs, which she effectively used to craft a perfectly tailored solution for our daughter. Nothing about her help was “cookie cutter” - everything she suggested was based upon an impressive consideration of all the variables that combine to describe our daughter."  
​--Clark Gross



1 on 1 Advising

Schedule a 1 on 1 advisory discussion with Phyllis to discover whats best for you

4 Week online course

Sign up for our 4 week online course to learn more in depth about your Gap Year.

Our packages

  • ​Getting to know you package;   Student interest assessment and list of suggested programs. One 1.5 hr.  in person meeting with student, One 0.5 hr. phone meeting for review of list

  • ​Connections Package: Includes all of the above and phone follow up with intuitions.

  • ​College/Gap Review Package: Includes all the above, plus list of gap friendly appropriate colleges. 3 meetings in person (incorporating the one above) or on the phone/skype 

  • Full service college counseling is available.




All of the above prices are suggested donation levels that go to sustain the organization. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of any donation made to AIYGA.  We are a Non-profit 501(c)(3)

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