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What is a GAP Year in Israel?

"Seeing Jewish history come alive in Israel has made it an integral part of discovering my identity as a Jew in the modern world.”

Taking a Gap Year in Israel has given give me incredibly strong confidence in myself, my Judaism and tools to take on whatever the next chapter of my life may be.

The Israel Gap Year is a transitional time marked by transformative experiences.  AIGYA believes that this year of daily living in Israel prepares participants emotionally, intellectually and enhances academic success through the maturing exercises of study, work, and travel.

The specific impact of Israel Gap Year includes:

·      Fortifies students to remain true to Jewish values

·      Creates a sense of empowerment and confidence

·      Eyewitness to Israel’s strength and challenges prepares students to be Israel’s “ambassadors of truth” 

·      Israel Gap Year alumni at the best resource to fight campus anti-zionism and anti Semitism by participating in reasonable and informed conversation.


This year will change, sustain and provide educational tools to build both a successful college and Jewish life experience.


I no longer feel that taking a gap year is a break before my ’life’- Rather, the foundation for my ’life’.


- AIGYA Participant

Taking a gap year in  Israel has given me incredibly strong confidence in myself and my Judaism and the tools to take on whatever the next  chapter of
my life may be.


- AIGYA Participant

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