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The Israel Gap Year Guide Book


Find Your Right Direction: ​The Israel Gap Year Guide

By Phyllis Folb

The Definitive Resource for Navigating Gap Year Programs in Israel!


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Find Your Right Direction: ​The Israel Gap Year Guide is an essential tool for students and parents who seek to understand what a Gap Year in Israel entails, as well as a roadmap for high school guidance counselors who aim to help their students navigate the many choices for taking an Israel Gap Year before heading to college. The book will help students answer the question: "Why is a Gap Year in Israel right for me?"



  • How gap years programs fit into the history of travel to Israel

  • Questions to ask when considering a gap year

  • Over 60 detailed descriptions for co-ed and single gender Israel Gap Year programs. 

  • Stories from former gap year students.


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"A well-organized, information-packed and interactive resource.  Phyllis Folb’s unique history and perspective has given the reader a story-filled, inspirational and motivating book that delivers an important and powerful message about the Gap Year in Israel.” 
​- Rae Nelson, The Gap Year Advantage by Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson 

"Phyllis' knowledge of Israel Gap Year programs is second to none. This resource will provide valuable insight into these exciting options" - Jim Patterson, Director of the Kutler Center, Harvard-Westlake School 


About the Author: Phyllis Folb is the Founder/Executive Director of the American Israel Gap Year Association which specializes in making the breadth of Israel Gap Year opportunities known and relevant to students across the denominational spectrum. Folb has previously published articles in The Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Journal, where she was a recipient of the Journal's "Mensch" honor. After thirty years working in public relations for entertainment and non-profits, specializing in arts, education, and Jewish organizations, she became a college counselor for teens. She is a sought after guest for TV, radio, and print.

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