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Aardvark Israel provides each student with a custom, curated experience designed to advance his or her goals for their Gap Year in Israel. Students live together in apartments in downtown Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, buffer their resumes with ambitious internships, explore their passions through volunteering, learn Hebrew and other fascinating subjects, and receive up to a year of college credit—all while deepening their relationship with Israel, Judaism, and themselves. The program will offer students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills as they live independently with young Jewish students from all over the world.



Artzi gap year program is for American, European young adults who are committed to a creative genre of dance, music, theater, or visual arts, and want to be immersed in the life of a rich and diverse country, while learning about Judaism and connecting to their Jewish identity in an eye-opening and enlightening manner. We create an environment in which the students have the freedom to express themselves, utilize their artistic talents, fall in love with the land, and nurture a lifelong connection with the people and state of Israel.


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

BGU offers young adults the opportunity to spend their gap year in a fruitful academic
experience while having a meaningful social adventure. As a gap year student, you will be part of the study abroad program, enjoying the vibrant campus life, participating in volunteering projects and studying alongside undergraduate students. As BGU is aca- demically recognized worldwide, the academic credits you will accumulate during the semester at BGU can be accepted as credits towards a future degree at other universi- ties. The varied range of undergraduate courses offered at BGU can help you find your future path.


Big Idea

BIG IDEA @ Aardvark Israel provides participants intensive hi-tech training, professional internships, and a one-of-a-kind Startup Nation experience! It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their career in technology while also having an immersive, educational experience in Israel.


Bnei Akiva Olamit: Kivun & Mechina

If you are looking to experience Israel in a religious, Zionist, co-ed atmosphere Bnei Akiva Olamit offers two unique gap year programs! On Kivun, you’ll become part of the fabric of Israeli culture with Independent living, internships, and experiences like MDA, Marva, Kibbutz, volunteering and more. With Mechina Olamit you’ll experience an Intensive and challenging leadership program that develops skills for life. You’ll mix with Israelis and International participants, 3 months in English then 3 months in Hebrew. Both programs include Jewish learning, travel throughout Israel, and run in a religious, Zionist, open atmosphere. While immersing yourself in Israel together with friends from around the globe you’ll gain independence, spiritual development, and real-life skills. Most importantly, your year in Israel is a year of personal development and growth, while having an incredible time! One year in Israel – Preparation for life!


Frontier Israel

The Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education (AMIIE-JNF) is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural gap semester program: Frontier Israel. Created for rising freshmen and sophomores attending US academic institutions, Frontier Israel is designed to provide a real life, modern day pioneering experience. The core of the program will be Frontiers, meaningful volunteer work in three enriching regions of Israel (Negev, Galilee, and Center). The Frontiers will provide students with a robust service learning and volunteering experience, while at the same time allowing students to forge significant relationships with the people and communities in which they are embedded. Participants will volunteer at a JNF-USA affiliate in the mornings, followed by studies and social activities in the afternoons and evenings.


Garin Tzabar (Israel Scouts)

Garin Tzabar creates a group framework of guidance and support for young Jews and Israelis living abroad who choose to return to Israel or make Aliyah for the first time in order to serve a full and meaningful service in the IDF. This is done by a mental and emotional preparation process that starts in the countries of origin and continues with their arrival to Israel and absorption into the kibbutzim Israeli society and through the processes of military recruitment. The core of the program is carried out during their military service where they continue to live as a group and receive from the group constant guidance and support.


Hebrew U/Thrive

Set yourself apart by starting your higher education journey in Jerusalem, a city rich with tradition and full of creativity and innovation. Forge connections with Israeli and international students to experience a mosaic of cultures, immersing yourself in Israeli life. Benefit from the reputation of the internationally renowned Hebrew University. Enjoy full academic support, including meetings with your academic advisor. Study at one the world’s top 100 Universities. Experience diverse activities with new friends.



Hevruta invites Israelis and North Americans to establish a joint pluralistic community founded on discourse and values in the heart of Jerusalem. The program is open to young men and women from all over Israel and North America, from religious and secular backgrounds, who represent a variety of world views. Hevruta’s goal is to demonstrate how a diverse community that celebrates learning and social engagement can promote tolerant dialogue in the Jewish world by generating a positive identity discourse based on shared aims and beliefs.


IVA - Masa Year of Service

a select group of participants will join the program's second cohort bringing Jewish youth from all over the world together in Israel to enlist in a long-term volunteer program (10 months), strengthening their connection to Israel, reflecting on their Jewish identity and gaining their own first-hand insight into the Israeli society.


Israel Experience at Bar Ilan University

Israel XP at Bar Ilan University is a unique gap year program. Spend the year after high school in Israel strengthening your Jewish identity. Stimulating university courses, inspirational Jewish learning and growth at your own pace, amazing trips across the land of Israel and a vibrant group of unforgettable rabbis, teachers and friends.


Israel Lacrosse

The Israel Lacrosse Association (ILA) aims to promote lacrosse in the Jewish State by allocating resources, programming and inspiring participation from all over the country.  The organization’s vision is based on the belief that lacrosse has an important and significant role in strengthening the ties of Diaspora Jewry to Israel.


Kibbutz Program Center

The Kibbutz Program Center (KPC) is dedicated to connecting young adults across the United States and Canada with exciting and inspiring programs in Israel. As one of the premier providers of long and short term Israel experiences both on and off kibbutzim in Israel, KPC offers a wide range of options.



KIVUNIM succeeds in delivering an immersive and transformative gap year experience of serious academic study, focused international travel and cross-cultural dialogue. These take place within the context of impressive intellectual and aesthetic exploration and growth that develops and deepens our students’ Jewish identity as engaged global citizens.


Kol Ami

Kol Ami was founded out of a deep understanding that the most effective way to build a sustainable connection between Jewish youth and the State of Israel is by creating personal relationships with the people of Israel.
We also believe that the best way to create meaningful personal relationships is by spending time together - Israelis, and Jewish peers from across the globe. Kol Ami was founded in order to address this issue and create a gap year program that will connect Israelis and Jewish peers from across the globe.



Nativ is a challenging academic and volunteer year program that aims to create and inspire the Conservative Jewish leaders of tomorrow the programs has two main compotes , the first semester is an academic semester in Jerusalem where the students have a full load of courses at Hebrew University, or The Conservative Yeshiva, or Ulpan Milah. The second semester is focused on volunteering in small communities around Israel, with the central goals being giving back to others and getting to know Israeli society from within. Throughout the year, Nativ offers a series of seminars about Conservative Judaism, Israel activism and leadership, all of which are in preparation to return to the North American campuses and Jewish communities.


Shnat Netzer

Shnat Netzer is the global youth movement for engaging youth and young adults in Progressive and Reform Judaism. With 16 branches around the world, it strives to empower and educate youth and young adults with a meaningful Judaism that reflects their individual beliefs and values and forms the stepping stones for leading Progressive Jewish lives.




Tel Aviv University International

Choose your own adventure with our Academic Gap Year or Semester abroad. This program will give you a headstart opportunity by spending a year or semester abroad to explore university life. With a gap under your belt, you'll receive university credits to apply to a degree program, and with these extra credits, you may even be able to complete a university degree sooner than expected. A gap experience is not a year off but actually a year on!


Ulpan Program Center (Kibbutz Ulpan)

The Ulpan program takes place in 7 different Kibbutzim in Israel, twice a year in each one. Participants study Hebrew with teachers certified by the Israeli Educational Ministry and also do some volunteer work on the kibbutz. Participants get to experience Kibbutz life, celebrate holidays with the community, travel around the country, meet new people their age from around the world and learn about the different aspects of Kibbutz life.


World Bnai Akviva

Based in apartments in Jerusalem, where participants learn to shop, cook and clean by themselves (with the guidance of our staff) – they then branch-out for satellite programs around Israel: Kibbutz, community volunteering and a choice of MDA or the Marva army course. The program is highlighted by a 2-month professional internship, Jewish and Zionist learning, and exceptional tiyulim such as Shvil Yisrael. Throughout the various components of the year, the designated staff guide the group, enhancing their year with shiurim, chavrutot and special social and education activities that develop their Jewish and Zionist identities. On this program as well, participants will make friends from around the world on other World Bnei Akiva programs.



The Joint Council of Mechinot offers a unique gap year program for high school graduates from Jewish communities from around the world. Yachad Gap Year gives you the opportunity to have the ultimate immersion experience in Israel. As a participant, your Israel experience will be more up-close and personal than any other – because you will be doing it together with your Israeli peers. Yachad gives you the opportunity for personal development through a combination of studying, hiking, volunteering, experiential learning and the acquiring of leadership skills.


Young Judaea

Young Judaea Year Course in Israel is a nine-month gap year program for high school graduates ready to have one incredible year! With semesters in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, you’ll live in fully furnished apartments or in dormitory-style housing. Explore your passion through interning or volunteering, and take a variety of stimulating courses for college credit. Learn Hebrew intensively and get to know Israel from top to bottom – because the best way to understand Israel’s diverse society, history, culture and geography is to live like an Israeli on your gap year in Israel!


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